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Good Food = Good Mood

Success is right under our noses; in fact, it’s in our mouths.

It is widely believed that our mindsets are major factors to our success, whether it is in a leadership role, in sales, on teams, or at home. When we are happy, empowered, and balanced, people want to be around us. They work harder for us. They buy more from us. And that equates to more money in our pockets.

Yet, stress is at an all-time high. Antidepressant usage is off the charts. Sleep disorders are common occurrences. Health care costs are skyrocketing. People are unfocused, distracted, and overwhelmed. How can we start turning the tide in the other direction so we can cultivate the success we so richly deserve?


Real food.

We all know this: The better our food choices, the better our moods. Conversely, the junkier our food choices are, the more likely we are to fall into a more negative attitude. (Anybody ever get cranky after overeating at Thanksgiving or feel terrible after a nig