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Countless marketing agencies, coaches, and media networks will claim they can help business owners "spread the word" better than anyone else.


That may be true, but the problem is, they don't help you with, you know,  THE ACTUAL WORDS.

Those who skip the (often painful) step to CLARIFY what makes them different and valuable are destined to AMPLIFY a bunch of confusing, jumbled, forgettable noise into the marketplace, limiting their ability to fully MONETIZE.

Messaaging Deliverables (1).png

Imagine the perfect words powerfully and persuasively conveying your Brilliance everywhere you show up.

Your website. LinkedIn profile. Book. Keynote. Coaching program. Training curriculum. Media interviews. Outbound campaigns. EVERYWHERE


Imagine the response.

Theresa can use the knowledge she gains from The Crystallization Process to craft the ideal messaging for you.


Stop giving speeches and start giving ovation-worthy performances!

Tap into the many speaking success strategies available in Theresa's Speaking Box of Brilliance so that your messages from the stage will be more meaningful, engaging, memorable, and WORTH MORE.

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Bring Your Best Message to the Stage

Theresa combines her talent and experience as a keynote speaker, standup comedian, and improviser with her expertise as a brand and business crystallizer and strategic co-creator to help you structure and deliver value-soaked programs tied directly to your Brilliance.

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