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Signature Program

Cocktail Napkin Clarity

Crystallize Your Brilliance to be Seen, Understood, and Acted Upon

Our Brilliance is everywhere, and it leaves clues. It’s found all over our content — the many ways people read, listen, watch, and interact with us. Theresa Rose, Brand and Business Crystallizer, Strategic Co-Creator, and Acclaimed Author of Mindful Performance: How to Powerfully Impact Profitability, Productivity, and Purpose, helps others shine as brightly, confidently, and lucratively as possible by crystallizing their brands and businesses into a one-of-a-kind “spiritprint”. When we can draw our Brilliance on a cocktail napkin, we can sell it anywhere, anytime, to anyone.

In this program, you will discover how to:


  • Clarify your crystallized Brilliance so you can stop wasting precious time, money, and energy and start focusing your efforts solely on your special differentiators

  • Amplify your Brilliance efficiently, effectively, and enthusiastically across all channels to make the biggest possible impact

  • Monetize your Brilliance strategically for maximum income opportunity and advancement


Theresa's Crystallization Process will get you noticed above the noise and powerfully magnetize those who resonate with you, all while staying firmly in your flow. Work stops being exhausting and starts becoming inspired action.


Life simply gets better when you’re crystal clear.

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Mindful Performance: Energy Management to Feel Better and Show Up Stronger


Get a blast of inspiring mojo while discovering effective mindfulness hacks to help you manage your energy and master your mindset, even when surrounded by stressed-out crazy people. (Not you, of course — everybody else!) By prioritizing your energy management, you’ll feel more centered in body, mind, and spirit, build stronger relationships throughout your teams and at home, and sleep more soundly every night, no matter what the day throws at you.

Participants will:

  • Assess their current energy, focus, and impact in nine key areas of the Mindful Performance Model

  • Understand the importance of proper nutrition, sleep, exercise and stillness and how to keep them top of mind

  • Discover powerful, easy-to-remember-and-do strategies to improve health, promote growth, and strengthen resilience

"Theresa brought such a positive light when she entered the room and had a mesmerizing energy from start to finish. She connected with everyone in the room. Our staff is still raving about her appearance, which I equate more to a One Woman Show than a speech."
Jaffe Pickett, Legal Services Alabama

Women Supporting Women: Conversations of Mindful Performance with Leaders in Business

Studies show that women are more effective leaders, especially in times of crisis. The key to their success, however, lies in connecting and collaborating with other powerful women. Join panel moderator Theresa Rose, author of Mindful Performance: How to Powerfully Impact Profitability, Productivity, and Purpose, as she facilitates a fun, trusted, transparent conversation with top business women on how we can seize this moment to realize our greatest potential.


You’ll discover what’s working for them, what they’ve learned along their path to success, and how women can best leverage the opportunities presented during this transformational time. (You‘ll also get to hear their REAL struggles and how they manage them.) Most importantly, you’ll get connected with other like-minded professionals that will widen your orbit and promote meaningful collaboration. Women supporting women!

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Emcee Services

  • Magnetic stage presence

  • Active listening skills

  • Extemporaneous talents

  • Detailed organizational abilities

  • Infectious humor and positivity

  • Comprehensive business acumen

As your confident Master of Ceremonies, Theresa will be with you every step of the way, serving as your co-captain and event guide.


A professional emcee can make all of the difference between a seamless, engaging, sensational event and a scattered, dull and forgettable one.

Throughout the planning process of our annual one-day education conference, iConnect, Theresa showed commitment and enthusiasm for the success of the event, keeping in touch with us frequently and updating us on her progress of connecting with conference presenters and sponsors. Running through the program together she offered useful insight from an emcee’s perspective on how to serve the audience (and our chapters goals) in the most meaningful ways. She was always willing to go the extra mile to help us prepare and contributing marketing content for our social media channels.


At the conference, Theresa was there with enthusiasm in the early morning hours with the volunteers, eager to prepare for the day. She asked thoughtful questions, became familiar with the stage and the layout of the building so she could give assistance from the stage, a small detail but vastly critical to the participant’s experience. Before the start of the conference and during the breaks, we often saw her getting to know our participants, dancing, and keeping the energy up. Her gracious and energetic presence carried through to the reception. We very much enjoyed our time working with Theresa and the positive impact she made on our participants’ experience. We highly recommend her as a conference emcee!

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