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Top 10 Reasons Event Planners Hire Theresa

They're busy and don't have time for shenanigans.

1. Funny

Theresa is a talented comedian who treats every speech like a standing-room-only performance. Humor is critical in keeping audience members on the edges of their seats.


2. Engaging

Attendees will resonate deeply with her presentation and feel like she is talking directly with them.


3. Interactive

Theresa immerses herself into the crowd with a handheld wireless mic, making the audience the stars of the show.


4. Consultative

By genuinely listening to you and your needs, Theresa crafts the perfect offering that will help supercharge the event and make it flow easily.


5. Low-maintenance

No more PowerPoint! No more fancy water requests! No more itemized travel invoices! Theresa is The Speaker Anti-Diva.

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6. Experienced

Theresa taps into her extensive background in business to deliver high-value programs that directly address key areas of focus.


7. Customized

Theresa performs a needs assessment and industry research to ensure that her presentations are perfectly aligned with organizational objectives.

8. Committed

Your success is paramount in Theresa's mind. She will do whatever it takes to help promote your event, from a pre-event promotional video to media interviews to submitting an article for your newsletter to social media engagement.


9. Communicative

Theresa checks in well before the event itself to confirm details, texts you when she arrives, and ensures that all your concerns are addressed right away.


10. Fun!

Life is too short to work with boring people! You and your team will have fun working (and playing) with Theresa.

Popular Programs

Mindful Performance: Energy Management to Feel Better and Show Up Stronger


Get a blast of inspiring mojo while discovering effective mindfulness hacks to help you manage your energy and master your mindset, even when surrounded by stressed-out crazy people. (Not you, of course — everybody else!) By prioritizing your energy management, you’ll feel more centered in body, mind, and spirit, build stronger relationships throughout your teams and at home, and sleep more soundly every night, no matter what the day throws at you.

Participants will:

  • Assess their current energy, focus, and impact in nine key areas of the Mindful Performance Model

  • Understand the importance of proper nutrition, sleep, exercise and stillness and how to keep them top of mind

  • Discover powerful, easy-to-remember-and-do strategies to improve health, promote growth, and strengthen resilience

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Crystallize Your Brilliance: Clarify, Amplify, and Monetize Your True Category of One

In a chaotic, distracted, and highly-competitive world, businesses MUST be able to cut through the noise and strategically articulate their value to customers and prospects if they want to remain viable. When you have crystal clarity and total certainty on who you are and what you’re doing, you will swiftly, confidently drive to where you’re going.

Participants will:

  • Assess their personal and professional brands for clarity, consistency, and value

  • Explore the Crystallization Process so they are able to draw their Brilliance on a cocktail napkin, selling it anywhere, anytime, to anyone

  • Discover how to leverage the 3Cs of persuasive communication for greater sales conversion -- Confidence, Connection, and Collaboration

"Theresa brought such a positive light when she entered the room and had a mesmerizing energy from start to finish. She connected with everyone in the room. Our staff is still raving about her appearance, which I equate more to a One Woman Show than a speech."
Jaffe Pickett, Legal Services Alabama

Creating True Connections in a World of Distraction and Disengagement

Organizational cultures and work relationships aren't always smooth sailing, especially in this challenging climate. People are spending more time sending (and deleting) emails instead of actually connecting with each other. Personalities are clashing and teams are fracturing. Get ready for your team to achieve higher levels of success while creating an empowered, unified culture that has them WANTING to come to work every day.

Participants will:

  • Listen more effectively so they can confidently respond to any situation, no matter how challenging

  • Collaborate with positive intention, communicating in a way that creates purposeful partnerships at every turn

  • Innovate with enthusiasm and energy, feeding off the diverse perspectives around them instead of minimizing them

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Emcee Services

  • Magnetic stage presence

  • Active listening skills

  • Extemporaneous talents

  • Detailed organizational abilities

  • Infectious humor and positivity

  • Comprehensive business acumen

As your confident Master of Ceremonies, Theresa will be with you every step of the way, serving as your co-captain and event guide.


A professional emcee can make all of the difference between a seamless, engaging, sensational event and a scattered, dull and forgettable one.

Throughout the planning process of our annual one-day education conference, iConnect, Theresa showed commitment and enthusiasm for the success of the event, keeping in touch with us frequently and updating us on her progress of connecting with conference presenters and sponsors. Running through the program together she offered useful insight from an emcee’s perspective on how to serve the audience (and our chapters goals) in the most meaningful ways. She was always willing to go the extra mile to help us prepare and contributing marketing content for our social media channels.


At the conference, Theresa was there with enthusiasm in the early morning hours with the volunteers, eager to prepare for the day. She asked thoughtful questions, became familiar with the stage and the layout of the building so she could give assistance from the stage, a small detail but vastly critical to the participant’s experience. Before the start of the conference and during the breaks, we often saw her getting to know our participants, dancing, and keeping the energy up. Her gracious and energetic presence carried through to the reception. We very much enjoyed our time working with Theresa and the positive impact she made on our participants’ experience. We highly recommend her as a conference emcee!

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