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Thought Leader to the C-Suite

Who Helps You Clarify, Amplify, and Monetize the Brand of YOU

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As Head of Thought Leadership for a large global network of high-caliber C-Suite executives, I work with some of the greatest leaders in business today. Together, we examine what makes up our best performances when we are in front of our prospects, customers, readers, listeners, viewers, and fans in order to reach our target audiences for maximum impact.


When we deliver Mindful Performances, we make greater connections, deliver more impact, and deliver ovation-worthy performances at work, at home, and all day long!

Listen to the Mindful Performance Podcast!

Mindful Performance is a celebration of creativity, passion, and gumption.

Tune in as I interview growth-oriented C-Suite executives and talented thought leaders on what it takes to deliver outstanding performances day in and day out. Gain critical insights and practical strategies on the art and skill of delivering purposeful performances no matter the challenge, no matter the obstacle, no matter the budget.


What is it that successful, innovative leaders do to be the best at what they do? How did they get there? How did they utilize certain networks, tools, and mindsets to be the most strategic person in the room?


What can YOU do today to deliver more mindful performances at work, at home, and all day long? How do you LIVE it? Practice it? Manifest it? 

Tune into Mindful Performance on C-Suite Radio and all other major podcast networks every week for a blast of education, motivation, and inspiration!

Mindful Performance is my thought leadership.

Show up more powerfully for yourself and others.

MINDFULNESS is the hottest buzzword that organizations and individuals are clamoring for.
No longer are people wondering IF they need to adopt a more mindful approach to their professional and personal lives; they now KNOW they need it. The real question on their minds is HOW?
To help answer the question of How, I created a proprietary system called Mindful Performance based on twenty years of study and experience. It is a map that combines mindfulness and mental mastery techniques with proven high performance management best practices in nine major areas of growth that individuals and organizations can utilize to dramatically improve their performances at work, at home and all day long.
Mindful Performance is a powerful framework to help us show up for ourselves so we can connect with each other.
​In my latest book, Mindful Performance: How to Powerfully Impact Profitability, Productivity, and Purpose, you will discover how Mindful Performance can help you improve your focus and reduce distractions, cultivate more meaningful, long-lasting connections and collaborations, create more mindful cultures at work and at home, and make better decisions so you can sleep at night. 
Mindful Performance isn't airy-fairy, cosmic-muffiny, woo-woo fluff. It's cold-steel next generation management best practices that result in more money to the bottom line and a better quality of life.
Who doesn't want that? 
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Crystallize Your Content Coaching

Your impact is only as good as your content.

In addition to being an energizing performer, I am also a badass business coach with a big brain and an uncanny knack for creating captivating content models and the compelling words to accompany them.


If you are a speaker, advisor, coach, or other subject matter expert who has brilliant ideas and talents that are being undervalued by the marketplace, I can help you crystallize your content so you can book more business at higher fees more frequently

To learn if this is the right solution for you, watch this overview video and visit my Coaching page!

I can help you distill your brilliance down to its essence so you can draw it on a cocktail napkin.


When you can draw it, you can sell it.

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Are You Looking For a Speaker?

Your event is unique, and your audience has their own needs.

Some want to be inspired and motivated.

Some want relevant content to make them more successful.​ 

And every single one of them wants to laugh.

They deserve to have it all, don't they?

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