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Will I immediately get a Return on Investment?

It depends. You'll immediately get clarity on what makes you different and valuable, and that will immediately help you close more deals. You’ll want to implement the Crystallized Model of your Brilliance within and outside of your organizational eco-system in order to create even greater bottom-line results. The more you integrate your model across your business - website, keynote, training curriculum, book outline, even in your emails and on social media posts – the faster and bigger your ROI will be.


When you implement your model consistently and thoroughly, using it as your foundational framework for all you do, you will quickly get known for your Crystallized Brilliance. Content will be easier to create, sales will be stronger, and previously-unknown opportunities will present themselves to you because you will magnetize those who resonate with your expertise.

How is this different from other coaching programs?

Theresa isn’t a coach. She’s a Brand and Business Crystallizer and Strategic Co-Creator.


What you’ve learned from other high-value coaching programs will be strengthened based on the foundational framework you’ll create with Theresa.


The biggest differentiator from other programs and what Theresa provides is that it is not a cookie-cutter recipe that you are forced to fit into. The very essence of her work is to Crystallize YOUR Brilliance based on the amazing content you have already generated. You are creative partners with her doing strategically sacred work.


Many thought leadership coaches will tell you what you should do but don’t actually help you identify WHO YOU ARE that makes you different from everyone else. They may be able to make you a better storyteller, but if those stories don’t map to your thought leadership, they are simply window dressing., Other marketing services can sell you all day long on ways to “spread the word” but they don’t actually give you THE WORDS.


Theresa works with you to create the perfect visual of your Brilliance, the ways you will earn revenue from it, and the actual written copy you’ll need to monetize right away.

What if speaking isn’t my primary revenue stream?

No worries! Theresa works with coaches, consultants, authors, trainers, facilitators, executives, artists, healers, associations, agencies – you name it. If it’s at all related to thought leadership, she can Crystallize it.

What if I’m starting from the beginning… I have no clients, no offerings, just getting my expert business off the ground. Can I still get Crystallized by Theresa?



The magic about Theresa’s work is that it’s 100% based on your Brilliance NOW. Even if you have little to no formal content yet (articles, books, interviews, speeches, training programs, etc.) she will still be able to find the gems that uniquely represent your Brilliance. In fact, if you are just starting out, getting Crystallized by Theresa is the single most strategically imperative investment you can make. It will dramatically shorten your path to success while also making it far easier to close deals for higher fees.

Can I have someone on my team get Crystallized for me?

No. You are the Brilliance. YOUR voice, insights, creativity, and energy are essential elements to the co-creative process. You also want to fall in love with your model so much that you want to share it with the world, all of the time. No staffer, no matter how talented, can replicate the enthusiasm you’ll feel for your own gorgeous model you lovingly co-created.

What if I’m running a successful business already. Will Crystallization help me get to the next level?



Theresa has worked with some of the most esteemed thought leaders to help them grow their business, often in new and wonderful ways. Even the most successful people benefit from having a strategic partner to help them gain clarity and focus on what they need to elevate their excellence.

What should I do after I’m Crystallized?

Once you have a model of your Brilliance, your value ladder, and the essential copy you’ll need to drive your marketing efforts, your goal will be to implement it as fully as possible, as quickly as possible.


One of the first ways to broadcast your Brilliance with your new model is to update your web copy and social media presence.


Another critical step will be to Crystallize Your Content to seamlessly integrate your model into your brand new Signature Program, Book Outline, or Course Curriculum.


If you are planning to optimize your business operations with a new CRM suite, activate a lead generation campaign, create a strategic partnership program, or simply want a trusted advisor to help you navigate your acceleration and growth over an extended period of time, opt for six months of Momentum with Theresa. You’ll get three hours every month of “Tee Time” while also receiving that all-important text and email support and counsel whenever you need it.

What outcomes can I expect from getting Crystallized by Theresa?

Here’s some of the common feedback that clients have after working with Theresa:

  • Have complete clarity on your brand and its value in the marketplace

  • Tell the story of your Brilliance with consistency, power, humility, and love

  • Have an elegant, visual way of defining your thought leadership

  • Gain massive confidence in sales and marketing 

  • Close more deals at higher fees

  • Create meaningful content that directly maps to your offerings

  • Add more revenue streams that you haven’t even imagined yet

  • Get the inside scoop on what it really takes to build a thriving business

  • Stop working so hard and start having more fun

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Want to Learn More?

Schedule a Strategic Discussion with Theresa to identify goals and determine fit for creative partnership.

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