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Elevate beyond coaching into CRYSTALLIZATION

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In order to create sustained success, we need the right partners at the right time.

We can't realize our visions on our own.
We need sufficient clarity, guidance, support, resources, and, every once in a while, a proverbial kick in the pants.

Theresa is a Brand and Business Crystallizer and Strategic Co-Creator who provides all of these things and more.

Crystallization Services

Here's how partnering with Theresa can help you grow your business and make a bigger impact.

Crystal Ball

Your one-of-a-kind visual brand and value proposition that Crystallizes Your Brilliance and increases your selling power


Integrated messaging perfectly aligned with your model to be used everywhere your brand is conveyed, including performance coaching to deliver ovation-worthy programs 

Pile of Coins

Trusted advisory support to help you Crystallize Your BUSINESS from someone who understands the industry, knows your Brilliance, and genuinely cares about your success

Why Crystallization Matters


So many thought leaders are constantly focused on amplification (“how do I get my name out there?”) and monetization (“what new programs should I offer?”) without REALLY understanding what makes them different -- and more valuable -- than their competition.


On top of that, they waste precious time creating endless content that isn’t tied to their expertise or unique brand identity.


Time spent on conveying an unclear brand is wasted. The energy just isn’t there to make a meaningful impact to the buyer, the audience, or the larger community.


The worst part about all of this is that, as a talented thought leader, your Brilliance is not shining as brightly as it could.



You want to spend less time worrying about sales and marketing, and more time actually sharing your Brilliance on stages, pages, and screens. Easier said than done.


The challenge is that, over time, we are told that we need this lead generation tool or that pay-to-play campaign or those networks to “get noticed”. We create yet more programs, generate more products, and buy more marketing services in the hopes that our businesses will finally grow like we want them to.


We end up wasting way too much time and money on costly promises that don’t deliver that, before you know it, we’re running on empty and our future is uncertain.



So we try more and more expensive solutions we’re told will help us finally get heard and seen above the noise.

  • We hire coaches

  • Join professional networks

  • Register for online courses

  • Go to all the industry conferences

  • Change up our messaging (over and over)

  • Hire a PR firm

  • Launch more products

  • Create complicated lead generation campaigns


We spin our wheels in an endless cycle of marketing initiatives, content creation, and brand reinvention, never really making the impact we desire and deserve.


But imagine a world where you could describe your unique value using the perfect words and an easy-to-understand picture?


What if you could stop wasting precious time trying to figure out what you should be working on and start laser-focusing your efforts? 


What if you could build an entire roster of offerings based on your unique thought leadership that all feed each other?


What if you could generate more leads who are magnetized by you, already understanding your value and impact?


What if you could close deals in your sleep?

Your dreams become reality when you are Crystallized.

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