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Get complimentary access to Theresa's 10-part video course and supplemental PDF on The Crystallization Process: 10 Steps to Clarify, Amplify, and Monetize Your Brand and Business.

The Crystallization Process

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The magic begins when you fill your Box of Brilliance.

Theresa will DIGEST the contents, DISTILL it down to its essence, and DESIGN an intuitive model uniquely aligned with your Brilliance. She will then DELIVER it to you in a virtual or in-person MasterMind of Two where together you'll polish it to perfection.

The result is a powerful, unifying framework upon which ALL future business activities will be built.


Strategic Planning. Content Marketing. Products and Services. Offers. Web Copy. Everything.


Once you have Crystallized Your Brilliance, you will:

  • CLARIFY your unique value with a powerful visual brand you can draw on a cocktail napkin

  • AMPLIFY using consistent model-aligned messaging that is smart, easy, and fun to create

  • MONETIZE strategically by defining your value ladder and enabling "show and tell" sales

Establish an exclusive thought leadership platform from the ground up.


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Can you draw your unique value on a cocktail napkin?
You need to. Why?


People don't read anymore.
Sadly, most people only scroll, scan, watch, and listen. If your Messaging doesn't slap them across the face with relevance, making them stop and say, "Wow, I need that!", they will keep scrolling. 

Competition is fierce.
In this fierce economic climate, it's not enough just to be good at what you do.​​ Or even great. You need to confidently display your unique subject matter expertise, demonstrate your relevance, and woo your prospect. In an instant. Constantly.

Sales happen everywhere.
You can't rely on the perfect scenarios to dazzle your customers and prospects. Our greatest connections often happen on airplanes, at hotel bard, on golf courses, at the fancy party or casual networking event, or even at our neighborhood potlucks. If you can't present your value and make a lasting impression IN THAT MOMENT to the right connection, the energy fizzles and so does the deal.

Content marketing is hard.
When you have a model that captures your Brilliance in a simple visual, you can tap into that framework for EVERY piece of content you create. You'll never again have to ask yourself what you should be working on, from social media posts to books, speeches to podcast interviews. The model tells you.

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Want to Learn More?

Schedule a Strategic Discussion with Theresa to identify goals and determine fit for creative partnership.

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