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I am a Wise Woman

Updated: Mar 30

I am a wise woman.

I am a wise woman who is now at the age where my focus is no longer skipping through the first half of my life but savoring the latter half. I have embraced the fact that I'm closer to the Exit sign than the Entrance.

I am a wise woman who is deliberately moving/healing out of Princess mode, wounded and never chosen, into a whole and complete Queen. 👸

I am a wise woman who, thanks to the best therapist on the planet, has descended into the journey of my own humanity and my shadow and into my wounds, calling all of me back Home, every uncomfortable, awkward, painful version of me.

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I am a wise woman who is calling those painful versions of Tracy, T, Theresa, T. Rose, Tess, and Teeter back to me from every age:

Six weeks.

Five years.


Twenty-one (for what I remember of it).





All of the traumatized, addicted, unconscious versions of me.

As a wise woman, I courageously "do the work" with all aspects of me. (It's called work for a reason. Oooof. I'll spare the good and bad and just get right to the ugly, doing that inner work and looking at patterns that were previously hidden from view. Let's just say that my latest heartbreak wasn't the first, but it was, by far, the Worst.)

As a wise woman, I am looking at my patterns now with the context of a healing heart, being gentle with myself, accepting all the versions of me to come back home. To honor them.

As a wise woman, I will become whole again, as Sarah Durham Wilson illustrates in her phenomenal book, Maiden to Mother.

I am a wise woman who will no longer chase after the attention of others, including my fancy peers, coveted clients, and unavailable men.

I am a wise woman who is whole and complete, embracing all parts of me. I will continue to heal my heart, my body, and my spirit one step at a time.

One day at a time.

One EMDR session at a time.

One intention at a time.

One action at a time,

All in Divine Timing. 🌹

How about you? Are you embracing your Wise Woman/Man within?

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