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Love Fulfilled vs. Love Lost

Heartbreak is a special form of grief that can take your breath away, months and years after a relationship ends that you thought would last forever.

It is a long, painful journey riddled with landmines - songs, movies, memories, and the occasional bathtub sobfest.

Thanks to a heartbreak that almost broke me, I sought therapy, listened to audiobooks on loss, and got transformational healing work in order to unpack what went wrong and discover how to NEVER repeat it.

It turns out that everything that happens to us is connected.

Childhood trauma.

Attachment hunger.


Soul splintering.

Low self-worth.

Bad choices.

Now that the dust has finally settled from the bomb that went off in my chest cavity, I am finally able to see it in a new light.

I have Love Fulfilled, not Love Lost.

Love Fulfilled means that we are appreciative for those sacred connections we’ve been blessed to make, even if they stayed for only a season instead of a lifetime.

Love Fulfilled means that we no longer live a life of longing for what was or what could be.

Love Fulfilled means that we stop seeing ourselves as victims and instead recognize the patterns that brought us to our circumstances of our own volition.

Love Fulfilled is a mindset based in wisdom that feels a WHOLE lot better than Love Lost.

So, if you are struggling with heartbreak or any other kind of grief, please join me in embracing an attitude of Love Fulfilled.

Celebrate the joyful moments.

Celebrate the lessons.

Celebrate your growth.

Life is a rich, wonderful tapestry of stellar highlights and the lowest of lows. We will all feel the agony of grief if we haven’t already. Let’s make it count by going THROUGH it instead of avoiding it.

On the other side of our growth journey is a peaceful heart.

May it be so. 🙏

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