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How to Crystallize a Life: The Early Signs

What did your first resume’ look like, and how did it reflect your Brilliance, then and now?

As part of my effort to Crystallize a Life, I am reviewing every single material possession I’ve acquired over my last five-plus decades, deciding if it serves my Crystallized Purpose moving forward. This weekend I dove into into “The Box”, the antique chest originally owned by my grandmother, which holds treasured pieces of my life.

One of the gems uncovered was my very first resume’, typed on an IBM Selectric.

Even as a plucky eighteen-year old with no real employment history (somehow I didn’t include my stints at McDonald’s, the apartment complex pool, and the occasional temp job) looking for her first full-time position, I already knew that:

  • Business Marketing was my chosen field of study (how adorable!)

  • It’s never too early to highlight one’s accomplishments

  • Self-reflection and self-confidence can co-exist

  • Enthusiasm is my superpower

Thirty-five years later, I stand behind my personal profile assessment — “Mature, motivated, disciplined, and dedicated to the completion of tasks for self-improvement and educational goals. Maintains an enthusiastic to both personal and business accomplishments.”

As I clear the clutter of my life and business to focus on what’s truly important, I am reminded that the work I do as a Crystallizer, Co-Creator, Thought Leader, and Performer have been a part of me for decades. No matter what gets thrown at me, including a cross-country re-invention, I know that I’ve got this. The eighteen year-old in me knew it back then, and she knows it now. It’s in black and white, for goodness sake. (And in Courier 12 font.)

What does the younger Brilliant you want to remind you of?

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