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The Truth Contained in the Browser Tab

What browser tabs are open right at this very moment?

I asked myself this question earlier this morning as I fought through a bout of entrepreneurial stinkin’ thinkin’. I was boo-hooing that a few of my big-ticket proposals have gone into limbo and found myself sporting a bad attitude and a major dip in productivity.

As a thought leader in Mindful Productivity, I know that our performances (or lack thereof) leaves clues everywhere. I looked at my Sent file, and there were precious few emails directed to prospects. I looked at my desk, which was far too clean. And I looked at my browser tabs. Ouch.

It turns out that I was doing a lot more swipe-righting, shopping, and surfing than selling.

The solution was to close out (almost) all of tabs that were not in direct support of building my business. (The exception is TicketMaster so I could snag Trevor Noah tickets at 10am. Trevor!!!! Swoon.) Goodbye, Facebook. Adios, Amazon. Later, Tinder. It’s time to work.