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Put That Drink Down

“If you want to be a great dancer, put your drink down.”

I said this to a stranger at the Hipshakers Old School Funk and R&B night at the Kitty Cat Klub. I went to the bar to catch my breath and hydrate after chewing up the stage with my groove. A young woman half my age left the floor to join me and said she wished she could move like I could.

I told her that being a great dancer isn’t about knowing the perfect steps or having the perfect body. It’s about presence. It’s about confidence. It’s about joy. And it’s about putting your $%^& drink down so you can actually dance and not just sway back and forth like 99% of the people out there.

How many of us say that we want something but then put up barriers to receive it? How many times do we partially show up and then wonder why we aren’t being rewarded? How often do we hang back and watch while others step into the limelight? If you want to be great at what you do, put all other distractions aside. Stay laser-beam focused on your objective. Be present. Don’t let something you are holding onto keep you from advancing forward.

Whether it’s on the dance floor or in the boardroom, competition is fierce. Only those who boldly act with full awareness will thrive.


Theresa Rose is a business motivational speaker, corporate comedian, and expert on mindful performance who helps organizations and their teams increase sales and revenue, develop stronger leaders, create better connections, and build healthier cultures. For more information, visit

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