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The Power of Drop-Dead Goals

It’s not about what we say we are going to do, it’s about DOING it.

Many of us make grand pronouncements of what we will accomplish in the new year. And it usually lasts about nine days.

What is ultimately more productive is to create one mission-critical goal that is both defined and doable with a drop-dead due date. And then do it. No matter what. No matter how you feel. Or what comes up. Or how dirty the house gets. Or who texts you.


I made a goal in preparation for my 2018 sales campaign. I promised myself – and my accountability partner – that I would have my completed list of target prospects imported into my CRM, Nutshell, by the end of the year. Under NO circumstances was I going to allow the new year to ring in without this goal being done. If I had to, I would forego the fancy dance party on New Year’s Eve. (Noooo!)