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It's All Good...And It's A LOT

This morning I had a conversation with a Crystallized client where she was expressing her overwhelm at the sheer amount of opportunity that has opened up to her after getting herself crystal clear on her Brilliance.

This is a familiar refrain when it comes to Crystallizing Your Brilliance.

When we finally remove the barrier to success that most of us struggle with -- a lack of CLARITY -- then it's as if the Universal floodgates open up to us, often making us feel like we are drowning in the very opportunity we were once so desperately seeking.

It's A LOT.

I counseled her to notice when she is feeling overwhelmed and to say to herself the following mantra:


When we lead with gratitude, even when we can barely catch our breaths from so much activity, it helps us to stay grounded in the present, stay open to yet even more goodness, and lead from an open heart instead of a worried mind.

What are you telling yourself?

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