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How to Crystallize a Life: Working It Out

It’s been less than two weeks since I began replanting myself into my partially-crystallized California form, and things are moving along nicely. I’m enjoying my cozy office space designed for the many ways I work, opting for maximum flow factor and minimal decor with calming rose and radiant white boho vibes. (Of course my favorite work location is, by far, the poolside chaise lounge with Silver, my four-legged housesister, cuddled around my leg. I have a feeling she’s going to serve as a muse.)

The evolving workspace has enabled me to host a successful mastermind brainstorming session with a long-time client, hop on Zoom for several client calls and sales discussions with my snazzy new backdrop and lights, write some great copy for a new keynote in my comfy easy chair, and even update my website with relatively little amounts of agonizing pain and suffering.

I grew up being taught that work had to be hard to be valuable. Success was found in the struggle. You had to do it as good or better than the other person to be recognized and rewarded. My mom used to proclaim that any problem could be solved by one four-letter word: W-O-R-K.

When the move to California came into my reality a few months ago, I made a conscious decision to rebuild my physical workspace from the ground up instead of assuming that I’d work the way I always had been. I won’t be bringing any furniture with me, so I‘m not tied to what I thought an office “should“ be. As I sat with mentally designing the crystallized version of myself, I realized that I am, more than any one expression of me professionally — crystallizer, coach, speaker, facilitator, writer — I am, at my core, a CREATOR.

What does my creativity call for in order for me to be as impactful as possible in my business? Some essentials include, but are not limited to: a dry erase board and markers, a chair suitable for a 5’3” person to sit in for hours (bonus points for matching ottoman!), a side table for remote controls, chap stick and bottomless cups of tea, surfaces for all those blasted devices to occupy, a lamp for wisening eyes to see, some greenery to soften my digital edges, and a Bluetooth to blare the beats from my favorite playlist.

Beyond all those creature comforts, my experience has shown me that I am at my creative, intuitive peak when I have a steady diet of sunshine, movement, and joy. When those factors are all wrapped into one — a quick dive in the pool, perhaps! — I am able to quickly release stress and tension so I can refocus my mental, intuitive effort on spiritdancing with words.

California brings me to the dance of Life, because my creativity can finally flow freely. No more 20 below zero days when my apartment feels like an icebox, at least to my soul. My work will be more than just the four-letter word that solves all of life’s problems. It will finally light me up like the gorgeous sunshine above. For this, I am deeply grateful.

What do YOU need to do or have in order to unlock your creative Brilliance? Get crystal clear on your creativity essentials so you can intentionally integrate them into your life!

Crystallize THEN create.


Theresa Rose is a content crystallizer, strategic co-creator, and Mindful Performance thought leader who works with entrepreneurial thought leaders to clarify, amplify, and monetize their Brilliance as efficiently and effectively as possible. For more crystallized goodness, visit

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