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How Sweet It Is To Be a Crystallized Thought Leader

Entrepreneurial work life can be tough, especially when we're running our own businesses based on our personal intellectual property, or what I call our Brilliance. At any given moment, thought leaders are obsessing over client delivery, business operations, marketing and sales (hopefully!), and a host of other shiny objects related to growing their practice.

As a Brand and Business Crystallizer, I take my own medicine first. I always remind myself of the Crystallized Model of Marketing and Sales I created, and how energy naturally flows from one to the other, not vice versa:




Today’s priority was to blast a fabulous new article for Forbes in which I was featured called, “Here’s The Simple Method Top Experts Use to Land High-Paying Clients”. My goal was to AMPLIFY it across my eco-system (website, social profiles and posts, email signature, proposal templates, you name it, I’ll repurpose it) after having done the previous hard work to CLARIFY exactly what it is I do that makes my work valuable and different than everybody else.

The “fun” part of owning your own business is that you can’t guarantee how or when the final step, MONETIZE, will kick in. However, you can dramatically increase your odds of closing more deals at higher fees if you amplify it strategically, and just as importantly, JOYFULLY.

When we love what we do and are Crystallized, we want to share our Brilliance with anyone and everyone who will listen. Our amplification efforts come from our hearts. We are genuinely excited to make that web change, post that link, write that next blog (or book), and do the dozens of other tasks required to “get the word out”. And that's why it works. It's the Love that drives the process forward.

Today’s lesson was brought to me by my trusty sidekick, Silver. She is often with me when I perform The Crystallization Process in preparation for the MasterMinds of Two I conduct with my client/co-creators. On this gorgeous sunny day she looked up at me with those big beautiful eyes as I was furiously click-click-clicking away as if to say, “Don’t forget the Love!” ❤️

Theresa Rose and Silver

You’re right, Silver. Radiating the love we feel about how we serve is an essential element in consistently sharing our Brilliance with the world. It's the fuel. It’s our Purpose. And it should be treated with the utmost care and respect.

As I listened to “How Sweet It is” by James Taylor and gave Silver a few last belly rubs before returning to my click-click-clicking away , a smile involuntarily emerged from my furrowed face.

Yes, thought leadership can be sweet indeed, especially when we are Crystallized.

Life is brief - make every message count.

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