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How to Unblock Writer's Block

Writer’s Block, aka Creative Constipation. It’s brutal. Words won’t come. The blank screen mocks you.

A coaching client who wants to write a book recently needed to get unstuck ASAP. I asked how she was taking care of herself physically (nutrition, alcohol/drugs, movement, sleep, meditation). She admitted to a lack of movement and we came up with a solid plan for re-entry with accountability (She’ll text me a pic of her workout playlist and clothes she’ll wear.)

Since her content unfolds as she speaks, we set up an imaginary scenario where she’ll teach me all she knows while voice recording herself. (Ideally right after moderate movement when physical energy is at its peak.) She’s even putting a copy of my book on the chair so I can hold space for her energetically. I suggested she listen to the recordings in a separate session, being fully prepared for most of it to suck. With a notebook nearby, she will identify the occasional nuggets of awesome contained in the mish-mosh. (She'll send me her chicken scratch notes prior to our co-writing coaching session.) And voila, writer’s block is unblocked.

Defeat writer’s block by taking care of yourself, opening your creative channels, and capturing your magic. The words will come once the energy flows.


Theresa Rose is a business motivational speaker, corporate comedian, and expert on mindful performance who helps organizations and their teams increase sales and revenue, develop stronger leaders, create better connections, and build healthier cultures. For more information, visit

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