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Making a Game of It

My family were gamers. We played board games, cards, word games, puzzles, you name it. I was particularly good at it because my mind sees the outcome before it takes place. You can practically hear my brain clicking away when I play.

The same holds true when I am hired to create contextual models. I LOVE the challenge of taking a valuable-yet-amorphous blob of content and crafting it into an intelligent, intuitive model to create a framework for books, presentations, and products. To me, it’s a real-life puzzle to be solved. How can I mold this information into a system that makes sense to recipients while making it easier and more lucrative for the sender? Click click click.

A client recently hired me to help her with her book and keynote. She shared her vision with me and I reviewed a few short articles by her. By the time we got to the dry erase board (over video conference), I started seeing her unique puzzle come together. After our time together, we had completely ironed out the model, book structure, and architecture for her upcoming keynote. It was brilliant! And now we have something tangible to work with when we make her speech a compelling performance.Th

Game over.

What are your inherent gifts you can leverage to help others and yourself?


Theresa Rose is a business motivational speaker, corporate comedian, and expert on mindful performance who helps organizations and their teams increase sales and revenue, develop stronger leaders, create better connections, and build healthier cultures. For more information, visit

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