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Nature Time: A Smart Investment for Success

This weekend I took full, hungry breaths of crisp, cool California air and shared my deepest prayers with the mountains.

My personal retreat also included eating healthy food, sitting in meditation, laughing with great friends, and visualizing an upcoming year of fabulous speaking events with fun, appreciative clients.

By the time I returned home, I was ready and rarin’ to intentionally create the 2018 that I desire and deserve. It was as if I defragged by brain and hit the reset button.

In this frenetic, always-plugged-in society in which we live, true introspection can be elusive. Anxiety, fear, and stress are ruthless adversaries that shout at us to keep doing more, more, more. It’s difficult to step off of the hamster wheel, plant ourselves on the earth, and listen to our quiet voice of insight. There’s always something to do in the spaces we could carve out to just BE.