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Know and Act on What's Important

We look to our leaders to do the tough stuff. It's not just about having a fancy title, a fat salary with bonus, or a big office. If they are going to do their jobs well, they need to commit to surveying the industry landscape, listen to smart, trusted allies to shore up any knowledge or expertise gaps, and take decisive action on top priorities that are in the long-term best interest of the organization as a whole.

It is NOT about doing what is easy just so the numbers look better.

It is NOT about doing what is popular just so people will stop complaining in the hallways.

And it certainly is NOT about doing what is in their own best interests over and above the health and welfare of the organization and its key stakeholders (including employees).

True leaders know that their jobs are tough and they treat it with a level of seriousness that is worthy of their role. They spend the extra time to ask the right questions of the right people to find out what is mission-critical to the organization. They have crystal clarity on what is important, not just what is urgent. Or popular. Or convenient.