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Theresa Rose


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28999 Old Town Front Street, Suite 203, Temecula, CA 92590


Theresa Rose is a Brand and Business Crystallizer, Strategic Co-Creator, 2x TEDx Speaker, and Certified Speaking Professional who works with experts and their businesses to create one-of-a-kind visual brands they can draw on a cocktail napkin. Using her Crystallization Process, Theresa helps thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives readying for transition to  Clarify, Amplify, and Monetize their Brilliance.

Marketing & Sales Specialties

By employing a deep sense of customer empathy to get crystal clear on a brand's REAL value, Theresa uses design thinking to co-create compelling visual brands with her clients that ultimately streamlines and unifies all business platforms, especially in marketing and sales.

Previous Interviews

Fancy Gift Box

As a thank-you, your listeners will receive complimentary access to Theresa's video course, The Crystallization Process: 10 Steps to Clarify, Amplify, and Monetize Your Brand and Business!

What is Crystallization?

Crystallization provides clarity on a cocktail napkin for brands and businesses. It is a process by which one’s content is thoroughly digested and distilled down to its essence so that a compelling, intuitive, visual contextual model can be designed that uniquely reflects one’s Brilliance, serving as a foundational framework for all future offerings, content marketing, and business development. 

Possible Show Titles

  • Crystallize Your Brilliance

  • Triangulated Sales

  • Cocktail Napkin Selling

  • Thought Leadership Made Easy

  • How to Do a TEDxTalk That Will Grow Your Business

Episode Description

Imagine the enormous marketing and sales power of a cocktail napkin. We can convey big ideas, demonstrate big value, and close big deals, all by drawing the right picture that demonstrates our unique Brilliance. Theresa Rose is a Crystallizer and Strategic Co-Creator who helps brands and businesses distill their value proposition down to its visual essence so they use less words to deliver more insight.

10 Questions

  1. What is the most important step in strategic marketing?

  2. What is the biggest mistake business owners make with their marketing?

  3. How does your Crystallized Marketing and Sales Model for Thought Leadership help people make money from their Brilliance?

  4. What are the keys to amplifying our messages effectively?

  5. What is “cocktail napkin selling”?

  6. What is a “MasterMind of Two” and how is it different from other masterminds?

  7. What is "triangulated sales" and how can it increase our confidence in closing more deals at higher fees?

  8. What's the smartest, fastest way to monetize our gifts and talents?

  9. What if you HATE creating content?

  10. Who has a model that made them famous?

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