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Thank you for sponsoring Theresa!

You and your organization are now aligned with an event that will connect you with your key influencers and customers while also nurturing a powerful community of top leaders in business.


As a professional facilitator, award-winning author, and sought-after keynote speaker, Theresa delivers magic in every space she holds. Part strategy, part sisterhood, and all heart, she creates meaningful experiences with her panelists and audiences that last well beyond the day of the event, thanks to you!


Not only will you reap the emotional benefit of being an instrumental force for connection and collaboration, you'll also have your organization gratefully acknowledged as a valued sponsor in promotional materials, at the event itself, and on LinkedIn.


Heart-centered marketing is the most effective kind.

Here is the form to complete your sponsorship, and enjoy being a part of this community-building event!

Image by Nastuh Abootalebi
Event Sponsorship Form
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