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Presentation & Promotion Coaching

Becoming a successful professional speaker can be a challenge.

There are so many pieces to the puzzle, and what was once a proven tactic has fallen by the wayside due to the ever-changing industry landscape. What makes it even more difficult is that speakers who want to get paid are competing against those who will present for FREE! If you are looking to kick off your speaking career or want to up-level an existing one for greater results, Theresa Rose can help you get there.

Missing Piece
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Theresa is the perfect speaker coach for those who seek an outstanding blend of stage talent, business acumen, and marketing expertise. She has been a professional speaker for over ten years and has learned from the best in the business. She is a Past President of the Minnesota chapter of the National Speakers Association and was named a Top Finalist in the “So You Think You Can Speak?” NSA competition. Theresa has delivered hundreds of programs across stages all over the country to audiences from all backgrounds and demographics. In addition, she has taught several business management and presentation courses at colleges and organizations.


Theresa taps into her experience as a management consultant to customize her coaching offering to specifically meet the needs of each of her clients. Plus, she’s a ball of energy and fun! (She’s a standup comedian and improv performer, so she knows that funny equals money!) You’ll have a blast together while creating your future of speaking that you desire and deserve.

Presentation & Promotion Process


Depending on your needs, some or all of the critical areas below can be included in the scope of work. Theresa works with clients in two-hour blocks with a minimum of at least four hours to create a strong foundation and establish momentum. She is also a freak about accountability and will be the driving force that will help you set and meet the goals that will bring about the results you seek.

  1. Identify intersection of client needs and speaker expertise (which topics sell and which ones don’t, what are the marketable subject matters)

  2. Create compelling program (Typically 60 minutes, but could be anything from 10 minutes to several days)

    • Catchy title

    • Appealing description

    • Powerful value statements

  3. Craft program outline

    • Themes

    • Structure

    • Anecdotes

    • Humor

    • Interactivity

    • Takeaways

  4. Polish delivery

    • Stage presence

    • Timing

    • Audience interaction

    • Characters/physical comedy

    • Wardrobe and image essentials

  5. Establish ideal brand

    • Headshots

    • Demo video

    • Website

    • Architecture

    • Marketing copy

    • Look and feel

    • Social media

    • Mailers (one-sheet, postcards)

  6. Get paid to speak!

    • Office systems (CRM, contracts, billing, filing, backups)

    • Target markets (Associations, corporations, civic, etc.)

    • Campaigns

    • Pitches & Proposals


    • Spinoffs

    • Referrals

  7. Leverage passive income

    • Books and other physical product

    • Digital content

    • Live webinars

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If you are interested in working with Theresa as a coach, send her an email so you can schedule a free introductory call with her. During that call, you will discuss your goals and expectations in order to see if Theresa is a good fit.

You have passion. You have expertise. You have a message.

Now you just need some help to get you in front of the right audiences at the right fee!

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