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Pre-Event Questionnaire

Please complete this quick survey to ensure all logistics, timing, and program development issues are covered to save us both a lot of time and aggravation.

Welcome Guide

Here's your Meeting Planner Welcome Guide to download Theresa's Bio, Stage Introduction, and Headshots.

Pre-Event Communication

Theresa will stay in touch with you throughout the time leading up to your event to ensure you have the appropriate slide presentation, travel schedule, handout, and any other things you need. If applicable, Theresa will send a customized title/description for you to use in promotions and marketing. Feel free to contact her directly at or 952-456-1670 if you need anything at all! 


Oftentimes clients want additional services  in order to maximize the impact of the event. Let Theresa know so arrangements can be made.

  • Emcee to keep the energy high and the event on track

  • Breakout Sessions to dig deeper into the content

  • Post-Event virtual programs to maintain momentum

  • Books and other tools to keep your group engaged and inspired

Future Events

It's never too late to start planning for next year's event! Theresa has a depth and breadth of expertise and content, so she is happy to do a Part 2 or deliver brand new programs that are aligned with next year's focus. Contact her today to lock in next year's event with this year's rate!


Top 10 Reasons Event Planners Hire Theresa

They're busy and don't have time for shenanigans.

1. Funny

Theresa is a talented comedian who treats every speech like a standing-room-only performance. Humor is critical in keeping audience members on the edges of their seats.


2. Engaging

Attendees will resonate deeply with her presentation and feel like she is talking directly with them.


3. Interactive

Theresa immerses herself into the crowd with a handheld wireless mic, making the audience the stars of the show.


4. Consultative

By genuinely listening to you and your needs, Theresa crafts the perfect offering that will help supercharge the event and make it flow easily.


5. Low-maintenance

No more PowerPoint! No more fancy water requests! No more itemized travel invoices! Theresa is The Speaker Anti-Diva.

web side page top 10 graphic.jpg

6. Experienced

Theresa taps into her extensive background in business to deliver high-value programs that directly address key areas of focus.


7. Customized

Theresa performs a needs assessment and industry research to ensure that her presentations are perfectly aligned with organizational objectives.

8. Committed

Your success is paramount in Theresa's mind. She will do whatever it takes to help promote your event, from a pre-event promotional video to media interviews to submitting an article for your newsletter to social media engagement.


9. Communicative

Theresa checks in well before the event itself to confirm details, texts you when she arrives, and ensures that all your concerns are addressed right away.


10. Fun!

Life is too short to work with boring people! You and your team will have fun working (and playing) with Theresa.

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