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Crystallize Your Brilliance: When You Can Draw It, You Can Sell It

Our Brilliance is everywhere, and it leaves clues. It’s found all over our content — the many ways people read, listen, watch, and interact with us. Theresa Rose, CSP, Crystallizer, Strategic Co-Creator, and Award-winning Author helps brands and businesses shine as brightly, confidently, and lucratively as possible by Crystallizing their Brilliance into a one-of-a-kind “spiritprint”. No artistic talent required! Whether you draw more like a preschooler than Picasso, you can still create this essential foundational element to your thought leadership platform.

When we can draw our value on a cocktail napkin, we can sell it anywhere, anytime, to anyone.


You will discover how to:


  • Clarify your crystallized Brilliance so you can stop wasting precious time, money, and energy and start focusing your efforts solely on your special differentiators

  • Amplify your Brilliance efficiently, effectively, and enthusiastically across all channels to make the biggest possible impact

  • Monetize your Brilliance strategically for maximum income opportunity and advancement

Theresa's Crystallization Process will get you noticed above the noise and powerfully magnetize those who resonate with you, all while staying firmly in your flow. Work stops being exhausting and starts becoming inspired action.

Life simply gets better when you’re crystal clear.

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Theresa Rose is a sought-after brand and business Crystallizer, Strategic Co-Creator, Certified Speaking Professional, nationally-acclaimed keynote speaker, and award-winning author of several books on mindfulness, energy management, mental wellness, and high performance. Theresa uses her background in Marketing and Product Development along with her real-world, in-the-trenches experience as a thought leader and former Head of Thought Leadership for a global executive network to cut through the noise and keep you focused on what's most important in building your Crystallized platform.

Previous NSA Presentations


  • Top Five Finalist in NSA's "So You Think You Can Speak" Contest on the Influence Mainstage. (She lost. And cried. And met some of her closest friends, colleagues, and mentors.)

  • Mastermind Best Practices from the Influence Mainstage (She's wore a dress that was gifted to her by one of her mastermind sisters.) 

  • Improv at Influence '18 (Performing improv with legends Andrew Tarvin, CSP, Avish Parashar, CSP, Patrick Maurer, and Denise Jacobs was dangerously hilarious!)

  • Standup at Influence '23 Friday Comedy Night (No that's not intimidating AT ALL)


  • NSA-Minnesota Speakers Academy, October 2022

  • NSA-Illinois Chapter Meeting, May 2023

  • NSA-North Texas Summer of Marketing Series, June 2023

  • NSA-Wisconsin Chapter Meeting, June 2023

  • NSA New England Chapter Meeting, September 2023

  • NSA-Oregon Chapter Meeting, October 2023

  • NSA-Austin Chapter Meeting, February 2024

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A Crystallized Member Journey

NSA Member Experience Testimonial.png

Promotional Support

Theresa is committed to supporting your promotional efforts for the event in any way she can. This includes sharing your social posts about her event and creating a video invite for your members and guests! She'll actively engaged in the online discussions you start, and if you host a social event for the board prior to the program, she's happy to attend!

No Sales, Just Resources

As a former Programming Chair, Theresa knows how annoying it is when a speaker comes to a chapter and hard-sells their programs to attendees. She promises that she won't sell from the stage, opting instead to offer complimentary access to her value-rich video course, The Crystallization Process: 10 Steps to Clarify, Amplify, and Monetize Your Brand and Business. She will have printed information on her upcoming workshops.


(Download PDF)

Our next presenter has served many roles in NSA chapter leadership, from Speaker Academy Facilitator and Dean to Programming Chair to Past President of the Minnesota Chapter. Theresa Rose, CSP, is a brand and business Crystallizer, Strategic Co-Creator, Award-winning Author, Crystallizing Consultant for the National Speakers Association, and Co-Creator of The NSA Member Journey, the elegant member model that crystallizes the value of our professional association...value you can draw on a cocktail napkin. Please welcome all the way from Riverside, California, award-winning author, CSP, and semi-retired standup comedian Theresa Rose!

A/V Requirements

You will provide;

  • A screen and projector (with HDMI input cable) appropriate to room and audience size

  • A wireless handheld is preferred but she's loosy-goosy as long as the sound is good

  • AC power for her laptop

  • A table for her materials (e.g. cards, flyers, QR Code sign for The Crystallization Process giveaway)

Theresa will bring:

  • A MacBook Air laptop with HDMI connectors

  • A wireless presentation remote

  • A KEYNOTE presentation using 16:9 aspect ratio

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