Mindful Performance

MINDFULNESS is the hottest buzzword that organizations and individuals are clamoring for. No longer are people wondering IF they need to adopt a more mindful approach to their professional and personal lives; they now KNOW they need it. The real question on their minds is HOW?
Mindfulness is a complex issue. It involves demonstrating presence, awareness, focus, and conscious choice in a variety of scenarios and environments.
As part of Theresa's thought leadership in the study of mindful performance over the last two decades, she has created a proprietary solution that addresses nine major areas of growth that individuals and organizations can utilize to dramatically improve their performances at work, at home, and all day long. This model is the framework for her latest book, Mindful Performance: How to Powerfully Impact Profitability, Productivity, and Purpose.
Want to learn more? Great! Check out the links on this page and discover all of the ways Theresa can help you implement Mindful Performance. You will discover how mindful performance can help you improve your focus and reduce distractions, cultivate more meaningful, long-lasting connections and collaborations, create more mindful cultures at work and at home, and make better decisions so you can sleep at night. Check out the two sample chapters to see for yourself how you can implement this mission-critical mindset!
Mindful Performance isn't airy-fairy, cosmic-muffiny, woo-woo fluff. It's cold-steel next generation management best practices that result in more money to the bottom line and a better quality of life.
Who doesn't want that?