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"Thank you for being with us throughout the day at our Second Annual Conference for the Council of Professional Women in Banking and Finance. Your message really resonated with the attendees and, through your humor and straight talk, made a lasting impression on them.  Many have told us how they are going to do to change their lives as they take your message to heart. We are thrilled you could be a part of the Conference this year and will let others know of the great way that you contributed to our successes!" - Kathleen M. Murphy, President & CEO, Maryland Bankers Association

I know the financial services industry.


Combining my degree in business management with my experience as an organizational leader and marketing professional, I deliver powerful programs that engage, inspire, and educate financial services professionals on creating lasting, intergenerational relationships with their clients and customers.

On a personal note, I was married to a financial advisor for almost two decades, so I intimately know the struggles of working in the ever-changing landscape of financial services.


One thing is for sure -- Past Performance Is Not An Indicator of Future Results, in relationships and in finance!

Financial Services Clients

Here are a few of the clients in the financial services industry that I have had the pleasure of working with as a speaker, emcee, and trainer!

  • Ameriprise Financial/Generations Wealth

  • Chartered Financial Analysts Society of Minnesota

  • Community Bankers Association of Illinois

  • Financial Planning Association of Minnesota

  • Independent Community Bankers of North Dakota

  • Kansas Bankers Association

  • Maryland Bankers Association

  • Minnesota Association of Health Underwriters

  • Minnesota Bankers Association

  • Missouri Bankers Association

  • QBE NAU Country Insurance

  • Ohio Bankers League

  • South Dakota Bankers Association

  • The IMT Group

  • United Prairie Bank

  • Willis Insurance

  • Wisconsin Bankers Association

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