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I am an experienced facilitation maven and applied improvisation performer who helps leaders and their teams prioritizefocus, and take action on the right strategies and tactics in order to realize the outcomes they desire and deserve.


With my background as a senior manager of product development and marketing, management consultant, and project manager to get to the heart of what matters most for your long-term success. I have an uncanny ability to effectively communicate with all levels of an organization and leverage their intellectual capital to do more than they ever thought possible. (Remember, my nickname was "The Velvet Hammer".)


I'm also a time ninja who doesn't mess around when it comes to keeping the day on track. And best of all, I'm a comedian and improv artist so I keep the energy high throughout the day so those all-important brain neurons continue to fire.


Clarity and swiftness in execution are not just nice-to-have's, they are required investments for organizations and individuals who want growth and long-term sustainability.


I can help you get there.

Strategic Planning/Brainstorming Sessions (aka Flip Chart Heaven)

  • Create meaningful team dynamics and efficient lines of communication between business units and functional areas, especially for those groups who have previously not played well together

  • Identify mission-critical strategies which have the greatest impact to the bottom line

  • Actively involve participants in brainstorming opportunities, identifying challenges, and defining productivity potentials

  • Quantify the impacts and costs associated with each potential tactic, prioritizing them against impact and cost

  • Create a High-value Tactical Plan that identifies who is going to do what by when

  • Define core process flows, owners and information systems that formalize, standardize, and systematize key business activities

(I warned you I was a nerd.)

The Power of the Mastermind

  • Create a structured, powerful mastermind framework for highly-motivated, driven individuals to up-level their individual performances 

  • Plan and execute event logistics so each attendee can focus exclusively on being fully present in the exercise 

  • Confidently guide but not drive the discussions, enabling each participant to clearly articulate their core objectives and obstacles while receiving helpful, specific feedback from the group

  • Respond in every moment to the group dynamics while maintaining momentum throughout the process

  • Corral wayward conversations and redirect them to focus on stated objectives

  • Establish a specific accountability process so participants head out the door set up to succeed

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