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I am a Direct Sales Kid.


I grew up riding shotgun in a pink Cadillac and picked up countless pearls of wisdom from my superstar mom over the span of a thriving thirty-year career. (I grew up around the dining room tables of countless women in the Midwest. I was the Chief Washcloth Runner and Product Fulfillment Officer.)


As a mindful performance expert, award-winning author, and successful entrepreneur, I have unique expertise on the core issues that people in direct sales face on a daily basis.


I know the secrets to getting more bookings, increasing sales, and growing a high-performance team.

“I was in the crowd you spoke to yesterday and I just have to share that YOU WERE BEYOND FABULOUS!!! You were engaging, funny, truthful, spot on, loving, caring and I could go on and on! I’ve been a consultant for 13 1/2 years and have been to every single conference from the beginning of my career. So you can imagine, I’ve seen MANY speakers. You were absolutely one of my favorites!” - Deanne B., Consultant

“You had just the right amount of humor, realness and key messages to send our consultants off to do great things! I also appreciate that you took so much time to be a part of some of our sessions and activities. You were looped into everything and it showed!” - Carmell Meland, National Training Manager, Tastefully Simple

Meet Kaylene, My Amazing Mom!

How can I help your direct sales team?

I am more than a motivational speaker. I am a force to be reckoned with who creates a memorable, impactful, long-lasting experience for direct sales professionals. I truly believe in my heart that the direct sales business is one of the greatest careers in the world and wants to make every single attendee a million-dollar superstar.


I combine an energizing stage presence with a no-bullcheese approach to maximizing sales and leadership in an industry I know like the back of my hand. (I think my blood runs pink.)


I also know the importance of not only understanding the industry, but also your unique business model and product line. With my direct sales clients, I immerse myself in the company by attending unit meetings, going to parties, and learning the special nuances that makes your organization one-of-a-kind. This mindful, hands-on approach is noticed and appreciated by not only the home office leadership but also every person in the field!

Below are but a few takeaways that my direct sales clients and attendees receive when they hear me speak. They will:

  • Discover how to become booking machines

  • Close more sales and recruit better team members

  • Learn how to push through resistance, excuses and apathy

  • Understand how to make their business a family business

  • Grow their confidence to be a more powerful presence

  • Belly laugh and leave full of inspiration

  • Feel more energized

  • Rejuvenate their spirits

  • Solidify their belief and passion for their company and the industry itself

Watch Theresa's hilarious clip about the power of recognition in direct sales!

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