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“I was in the crowd you spoke to yesterday and I just have to share that YOU WERE BEYOND FABULOUS!!! You were engaging, funny, truthful, spot on, loving, caring and I could go on and on! I’ve been a consultant for 13 1/2 years and have been to every single conference from the beginning of my career. So you can imagine, I’ve seen MANY speakers. You were absolutely one of my favorites!” - Deanne B., Consultant



Theresa Rose grew up riding shotgun in a pink Cadillac.


She picked up countless pearls of wisdom from her superstar mom, Kaylene Hansen, over the span of her mom's thirty-year career in direct sales. From five years of age, Theresa served as the Chief Washcloth Runner and Product Fulfillment Officer around countless dining room tables in the Midwest. She was blessed to witness first-hand a master at work in the art and business of sales,  team leadership, and business management.


Mindful Performance thought leader, award-winning author, and successful entrepreneur, Theresa has unique expertise on the core issues that people in direct sales face on a daily basis. She knows the secrets to getting more bookings, increasing sales, and growing a high-performance team. It is her great passion to share Kaylene's wisdom with other rockstars who want to create a thriving business of their own.

Kaylene, Theresa's Rockstar Mom

“You had just the right amount of humor, realness and key messages to send our consultants off to do great things! I also appreciate that you took so much time to be a part of some of our sessions and activities. You were looped into everything and it showed!” - Carmell Meland, National Training Manager, Tastefully Simple

Marble Surface

Theresa is an energizing force to be reckoned with who creates a memorable, impactful, long-lasting experience for direct sales professionals. She believes that the direct sales business is one of the greatest careers in the world and wants to make every single attendee a million-dollar superstar.


As a strategic co-creator, Theresa knows the importance of not only understanding the industry, but also your unique business model and product line. Theresa immerses herself in the company by attending unit meetings, going to parties, and learning the special nuances that makes your organization one-of-a-kind. This mindful, hands-on approach is noticed and appreciated by not only the home office leadership but also every person in the field.

Direct sales clients and their attendees will:

  • Discover how to become booking machines

  • Close more sales and recruit better team members

  • Learn how to push through resistance, excuses and apathy

  • Understand how to make their business a family business

  • Grow their confidence to be a more powerful presence

  • Belly laugh and leave full of inspiration

  • Feel more energized

  • Rejuvenate their spirits

  • Solidify their belief and passion for their company and the industry itself

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