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closing the gap

You want to hire me but there is a budget shortfall.


I'm PERFECT for your event.

What can we do to bridge the gap so you can have the speaker you WANT?

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If you are like the majority of my clients, there may be a gap between your event budget and my fee.

Fear not!


This is a common occurrence and one that I will gladly partner with you to find a mutually-beneficial solution that meets your budgetary requirements.

In the past I have worked with many of my clients to find the best solution that honors your budget and my fee as a premier professional speaker. All it takes is a little creativity and stick-to-it-iveness!

Let's get creative!
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The most difficult choice you need to make regarding speakers should be selecting the perfect speaker that will energize, engage, educate, and inspire your audiences like never before. If I am that perfect speaker for you, rest assured that there are ways to make it happen to close the gap between your budget and my fee. There’s always a way!

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As a meeting professional, you know that there is a big differences between speakers that go well beyond the content they deliver. It’s also about the valuable content they deliver, the one-of-a-kind entertainment they provide with humor and interactivity, the inspiring motivation they offer, and the level of professionalism they deliver in every phase of the engagement: from contract execution through post-event evaluation.


A premier professional speaker is different than a for-free speaker, an emerging speaker, and a celebrity speaker.


Premier professional speakers deliver where others cannot or will not.

So how can we close the gap?

Here are the top strategies that previous clients have used to close the gap in order to work with me. Consider using one or more of these effective tools so you can finalize our plans and move on to other, more pressing event issues.


1. Breakout Optimization


Since I bring a breadth and depth of experience and expertise that is rare among keynote speakers, I am often asked to deliver a second keynote and additional breakouts to augment my keynote presentation.


Consider how much funding would be made available if you decide to have me for a second keynote immediately after her presentation! You don't need to pay for the following items that you would normally have incurred with other speakers of potential concurrent sessions:


  • Registration fees

  • Travel expenses

  • Room rental

  • Audio visual requirements


By having me deliver additional programs instead of your (typically non-professional) concurrent session speakers, you will save THOUSANDS of dollars in expenses that you won't have to pay! In addition, the programs that I can deliver are totally different but complementary to my keynote that you originally hired me for.


Your attendees are thrilled with the caliber of speaker you bring in and you will save money on additional expenses! It’s a win/win for everyone.

2. Budget Reconfiguration


Speaker fees are but one line item on your event budget. Many clients who want me as their keynote speaker have found the additional funds through creative reallocation of expenses. Whether it’s reducing your ice cream sundae stations or opting for an entrée salad instead of a full-blown chicken dinner, additional funds are often found in the intelligent, creative management of event expenses.


In addition to Food & Beverage opportunities, clients often uncover additional funds that are earmarked for attendee giveaway items. Are there ways in which the event budget can be trimmed to allow for your perfect speaker to create a powerful, lasting experience for your attendees that goes well beyond the swag-bag?

3. Sponsorship


Don’t worry if you don’t immediately have the funds to immediately hire me. There are likely several companies that would LOVE to take advantage of partnering with me to create a stronger brand awareness and call to action that they would not otherwise have without sponsorship of my programs.


As a former marketing executive, I understand that it isn’t enough simply to have a sponsor put their link on your website or get a mention in the program. Here are value-added services I provide to participating sponsors which give them significant meaningful exposure while creating goodwill among the attendees.


Previous clients have identified sponsoring organizations willing and excited to pay several thousand dollars for the following promotional exposure:


  • A mention in my pre-event promotional video

  • A thank-you and fun, goodwill-generating participation in my program

  • A book signing or give-away of attendee gifts at their exhibitor booth

  • An opportunity to introduce me prior to my program

  • A webinar after the event for the employees


In addition to the items above, many clients opt to purchase one of my books for each attendee which has a “Compliments of SponsorName” sticker on the front of each book. This ensures that attendees will not only have the sponsor name in front of them well after the event is complete, but they will also fondly associate my message of mindful performance with their brand. Again, another win/win!

4. Dovetailing


You have already decided that you want me for your event. Is there another local organization that is having – or could have -- an event held the day before or day after yours? If so, I can provide you with a discount that will enable you to leverage the other event to cover my fees and travel expenses!


Whether it is another keynote for an annual meeting, a leadership course for a large organization, a sales energization training for a local company, or a teambuilding session with your Board of Directors, I can provide a value-rich program for another organization while still being able to partner with you. Who do you know in the area that may benefit from having me speak with them?

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