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Welcome to The Rose Garden

Hello friend!

Welcome to the Rose Garden! Every month I will be dropping into your email to support you in the fullest blossoming of YOU. I’ll be sharing bits of brilliance that will encourage you to plant those seeds of inspiration in your own life, to nurture them, water them, and see them grow into their greatest potential.

I am in a great state of transformation myself in my own Rose Garden as I get grounded in my new home in Southern California and celebrate some amazing milestones. In July, I was one of 36 speakers globally to have earned the esteemed Certified Speaking Professional designation! It was truly an achievement of a lifetime.

Achievement is the theme of this month’s visit to the Rose Garden. Achievement is one of my core values that I have had deep in my heart for my entire life.

Growing up as an awkward, brainy, chunky girl, being achievement oriented was a bit of a rarity. When I was growing up (when dinosaurs roamed the earth and phones were attached to walls with curly tethers) society didn't encourage young girls to be achievers. But my amazing entrepreneurial mother didn’t get the memo. When I came home with straight A's on my report card, she tapped her long painted fingernail on the kitchen countertop, proudly saying, “Teeter I'd expect nothing less!”

I'm holding my Mother dear in my heart now as I prepare for one of the greatest achievements of my professional career at the end of this month. I will be stepping on stage at TEDx Temecula to deliver my second TEDx talk.

This one is extra special to me as it showcases my deep passion and purpose for helping others get clarity on a cocktail napkin. I've worked incredibly hard on this talk of a lifetime – writing, editing, receiving feedback, polishing, editing some more, refining, sharing with coaches, editing yet again, and finally solidifying my Idea Worth Spreading. I've got the outfit picked out, professional hair and makeup are scheduled, and I am running through the speech at every available waking moment. Even some moments in the middle of the night!

I WILL deliver the best speech of my career on September 30th.

Achievement is not a core value you stumble into. Achievement is a core value you relentlessly, tirelessly, fearlessly pursue. It's magic happens not when you are on top of the world, when you are full of inspiration, when you are excited about the standing ovation or the accolades. Achievement is realized when you're exhausted, when you're sick of looking at that blankety blank script one more time with the red pen. Achievement happens when you want to give up…but don't.

It's an energy management practice.

We can all achieve some expression of our Brilliance if we declare it and then we follow through, day after day after day.

So, dear one, as we sit in this virtual Rose Garden together, I ask for your emotional support as I reach even higher to realize my purpose. Please see me knocking it out of the park on September 30th at TEDx Temecula! Thank you so much for your emotional support. I will feel it on that special day.

As for your dreams and future achievements, please know that I see them for you! I see them coming into fruition. I see you getting the clarity you need and the fire in your belly and the spring in your step to take that journey. I see a new potential in you that is ripe for expression.

As part of this new community space, I invite you to connect with me on Instagram. This will be a place for you to share with me (and the world!) all of the beautiful budding blossoms in your life, just as I will share mine.

What seeds will you plant this month to achieve in the future? Get clear. Get committed. And get creative with how those seeds will blossom.

Thank you for your presence, and may the garden of your possibilities flourish.

All my love and support,


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