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The Lemonade Dollar

Yesterday I wore a pair of my favorite shorts for the first time this year. (Yay! They fit!!!) 😁

I was so excited to dig them out of their hiding place and go for a walk in the neighborhood. Then I put my hand in my right pocket and found it.

The lemonade dollar.

For years I have made Lake Harriet my home away from home. I would walk her as soon as the Minnesota snow (mostly) melted and continue through the seasons until the frost came. I know every curve. I have favorite sections that provide beautiful shaded canopies. I can recall my go-to meditation bench with detailed specificity. I have path-danced to countless tunes playing in my earbuds. And I remember the lemonade stand.

Every year a few delightful young girls (supervised by their amazing parents) would occasionally have a cash-only lemonade stand. They smiled sweetly as they hawked their product. As a fellow entrepreneur at heart, I would applaud their gumption and donate to the cause whenever I could. Just so I never had to walk past them and say, “Sorry, I would love to have one, but I didn’t bring any cash with me!”, I made a habit of putting a dollar bill in my pocket just in case. The lemonade dollar was the last thing I checked before leaving my house for my Harriet lake walks.

As I reached into my pocket yesterday and found this crumpled dollar bill, I remembered the girls and g