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Stuff I Like: Clara Sun Woo!

The other day, while sitting at an airport waiting to take off to Portland to speak at the Oregon chapter of the National Speakers Association, I was scrolling through the feed for a Facebook group I'm in with a thousand or so other professional women speakers.

The topic: the best blazers to wear for work travel.

I laughed out loud because I was wearing one of many from my go-to brand: Clara Sun Woo. Love Love LOVE!!! This particular number is the snazzy black studded one (fends off any roaming energy that may say, "let's talk for hours in this metal flying tube!"), but I also have a half-dozen others at least. The pink blush one is my all-time FAVORITE! They pack well, don't wrinkle, are super flattering, and look amazing onstage (and in real life!)

If you are looking for a solid player on your wardrobe team, check out Clara Sun Woo! She'll never steer you wrong.

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