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Stuff I Like: Celery Juicing!

For me, the food I eat has a HUGE impact on how I feel (and certainly how I look). I thought I was doing pretty well but knew I had some room for improvement. My primary goal was to FEEL BETTER. I want my joints to ache less. My sleep to be deeper. And my mood to be brighter. Any weight loss would be a bonus.

For the last four weeks, I’ve been improving my nutrition, including going nearly vegan and removing almost all caffeine (except for the occasional square of dark chocolate!), no dairy, no gluten, no soy, and no processed foods. It’s been a journey! If you think you don’t have any addictions, try cutting out all of the good stuff. Your body will painfully remind you of them.

One of my favorite new practices is starting my day with the juice of one lemon in water to flush out my liver right away. After 20 minutes of my lemon water, I have 2 cups of freshly-made celery juice to reduce inflammation and give my body a massive boost of antioxidants. I don’t drink the concoctions for satiety; I drink them for medicinal purposes. Even if it’s just The Placebo Effect at work, I can actually FEEL the energy of Mother Earth energizing my day. It’s been wonderful.

Since I’m not your doctor, I wouldn’t want to recommend anything that may not be in harmony with your system. But if you’ve ever been interested in learning more about Celery Juicing, check out the Medical Medium. I’m loving it!

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