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Pay Attention to the Cosmic Noogies

As I sit in my Rose Garden on this perfectly crisp, warm-but-not-hot sunny day in the Fall of 2023, I am reflecting on how INTUITION can guide us toward realizing our dreams.

In my book, Mindful Performance: How to Powerfully Impact Profitability, Productivity, and Purpose, I share a strategy called “Cosmic Noogies”. (I know, fancy, right?) When I was growing up, kids would give each other “noogies”, an aggressive rub on the top of the head that was part torture/part hilarity. Noogies definitely left an impression for those poor unfortunate souls who had to endure them. (It was way worse with older brothers, but I digress.)

Cosmic Noogies are those sometimes-uncomfortable Divine nudges we get that prompt us to think or do something differently. They can be songs we hear, birds flying in our path, or opportunities that seem to come “out of nowhere”. We all know the feeling of a Cosmic Noogie - where every hair on our bodies stand up because of the synchronicity. When we can get quiet enough to hear them, these intuitive indicators can be of great assistance when navigating a challenging world.

A Cosmic Noogie was responsible for my cross-country move to California (and my amazing new sidekick, Silver)

A Cosmic Noogie brought about a one-of-a-kind, in-person experience with my favorite musician in the world, Jason Mraz. (Watch him on Dancing with the Stars!!)

A Cosmic Noogie led me to deliver the most important speech of my lifetime (so far!) at TEDxTemecula back in September.

I've had countless other synchronistic magical surprises that lit my way, sometimes illuminating some very dark roads.

Cultivating our intuitive powers comes from focusing on the PRESENT MOMENT in mind, body, and spirit while also being energetically RECEPTIVE to magic and miracles.

We are more present when we care for ourselves in all ways.

Being present with our minds is about being deliberate with our thoughts. Being present with our bodies is about honoring them as temples. Being present with our spirits is about consistently quieting the chatter in the mind to hear the Whispers of the Divine.

And then just notice the nudges when they show up. AND ACT UPON THEM.

(When we struggle with fear, insecurity, or doubt, Cosmic Noogies are a LOT harder to recognize. Sometimes anxious ruminations can be mistaken for intuition. Radical self-care is always the best way to get back on track.)

All of my biggest Cosmic Noogies involved more than just getting the nudge; they required major acts of courage, trust, and commitment to growth.

Having a great intuition is meaningless if we aren’t going to trust and act upon it when it tells us something.

On the REALLY important ones, I have found that I’ll get multiple nudges. I have a Rule of Three. If I get three reminders of something within a week of each other, I take notice. Ask questions. Feel the energy. Listen for guidance. And then take action.

If you are ready to take that next step toward the bigger vision you have for your life, start noticing the noogies. And be courageous in saying YES.

You’ll be opening up to exciting new possibilities before you know it!

For more information on Cosmic Noogies and 80 other strategies, tools, and resources you can use to optimize life’s little and big performances, check out Mindful Performance: How to Powerfully Impact Profitability, Productivity, and Purpose. May it serve you well on your journey to follow the nudges!

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