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Fantastic Sales Conversations Start with Fantastic Follow-up

As a thought leading professional who runs her own business, it’s so dang easy to work on fun stuff first.

As a brand and business Crystallizer, I talk all day long about the Crystallized Marketing and Sales Model that elegantly identifies the optimal path we can take to leverage our Brilliance to the greatest effect.


Amplify. Monetize.

That last one is what everybody wants, and yet the first one is most people need help around. The one in the middle – Amplify – is the fun one.

It’s the one that has us working on new programs until all hours of the night. It’s the one that has us obsessing over our next book. It’s the one that tells us we need to “spread the word” and “grow our numbers”, so we seek out the answer to our prayers in that next big demand gen strategy, fancy networking group, or ad campaign.

The last step – Monetize – involves people saying YES to our offer. For many thought leaders, it involves a sales conversation. Yet, most of my peers would rather do ANYTHING than execute the sales process. They proudly say, “I’m not a salesperson”. Uhhh, that’s NOT good. You want to not only be a salesperson, you want to be an AMAZING one.

When you are an amazing salesperson, you have fun, insightful, and persuasive conversations all the time about your Brilliance, many of which will turn into reven