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Doing Business at the Beach

Sometimes you just need to go to the beach to get important #$%@ done.

The other day I took my very first solo day trip to the beach in the middle of the work week.

There were several purposes to the trip.

  1. I had just spent four solid days doing a MASSIVE digital decluttering and organizing over 2k+ files haphazardly occupying my bulging Downloads folder. My brain needed a break from the glowing silver box if only for a few hours.

  2. I craved wide-open space to do some deep reflecting on my recent progress in therapy, learning from and working through some of my biggest emotional icks with my trusty healing notebook and pen.

  3. Most importantly, I wanted to take some quiet time next to the Power of the Pacific Ocean to energize one of my client’s keynotes that she was delivering at the same time on a stage 1500 miles away. It was her first major presentation after having been Crystallized and she naturally was nervous.

And feel it they did.

My dear client texted me afterward, absolutely ELATED with her performance as she shared her Crystallized Brilliance with her warm, appreciative audience. (She even said that she knew I was with her in spirit, sensing my presence as she stepped onstage!) She declared it a Top 5 experience in her lifetime, followed only by the birth of her four children. High praise indeed!!

Not only does my client now have a solid foundation upon which to build her thought leadership practice, she and I will continue to partner together for the next six months to maintain momentum and close big deals at high fees!

All because I decided to go to the beach on a Tuesday.

In my world of Crystallization and Strategic Co-Creation, miracles are commonplace.

When two or more people come together in the spirit of Unity for a single purpose, we can’t help but create magic. It’s a given. (Check out Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich to learn more about the Power of the Master Mind, Chapter 10!)

Where can you bring in more heart and humanity into your work? How can you support your clients and customers beyond the transactional and into the magical? What is calling you to energize in mind, body, and spirit?

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