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An Open Letter to Striking SAG-AFTRA & WGA Workers

My name is Theresa Rose, and I am a Crystallizer. I help brands and businesses get clarity on a cocktail napkin. We live in a highly competitive environment that is only getting worse, as you well know. With the emergence of AI coupled with brazen corporate greed, the human creative process itself is at stake. The challenge for the individual artist is to remain viable as a marketable entity in order to have a sustainable, balanced, harmonious existence.

Have you thought of branching out during this critical time to build a new story about your Brilliance? There are profitable avenues of income you can pursue that don’t compromise your participation in the SAG-AFTRA TV/Theatrical/Streaming Strike.

If you look beyond the entertainment industry’s creative machine, you have a personal brand that no one owns but YOU. Yes, you may have played many other roles, or written them. But you as a human have Brilliance within you. That’s why you are able to deliver such compelling performances and scripts. And, in my experience as an expert in the thought leadership industry, when that Brilliance can be crystallized down to a cocktail napkin (In other words, a visual framework of what you believe in and how you shine), that visual framework can be utilized as a platform for your content in the public sector – at corporate events, for retreats, for speeches, for new books you have always been meaning to write, for the many ways in which you show up – way you can monetize that don’t involve crossing the picket line.

You are not a slave to the greedy billionaires. You can have greater economic power as you leverage your personal brands beyond the roles you play or write.

Last night I had a dream. I dreamt that the actress who played Meredith Palmer from The Office, Kate Flannery, was asking me to help her get clarity on a cocktail napkin. I hope that Kate somehow finds her way to this open letter and we have a conversation, because I personally know dozens of meeting planners who would adore having her as their next keynote speaker, especially if she had valuable, cocktail-napkin content to share.

I took last night’s dream as a sign to tap into my genius as a Crystallizer to help you and the cause you’re fighting for. For a long time I have wanted to do more with my gifts and talents beyond working with thought leaders and executives readying for transition. I want to channel my unique abilities to see the Brilliance of artists like you and distill it down to its Essence for your own personal gain. I want to be able to do that for you.

If you are a member of SAG-AFTRA, WGA or any other striking organization fighting for the essential rights of your creative power, let's have a conversation.

I'm committing as part of my contribution to workers rights to offer a significant discount of my Crystallization services to any member of the striking organizations for the duration of the walkout. If nothing else, I invite them to have a conversation about what else is possible for their future, how they can leverage their personal brands beyond the many roles they have created.

We are living in a changing world, and that world can be fraught with fear, uncertainty, and chaos. The machines (and the morons) are threatening to take over. But I also believe that this is a transformative era that enables all of us to step into greater expression of our Brilliance.

What I have learned as a Brand and Business Crystallizer is that expansive thinking and powerful creation requires strategic, sacred partnership. I believe we are Divinely designed not to reach our fullest potential without the witnessing and support of another. My hope is that this open letter acts as a beacon to all those creative artists who are looking to see a new way of expressing themselves on stages, pages, and screens.

By all means, PLEASE keep fighting the fight and holding steady at the picket lines. The work you’re doing to fight for fairness is essential and the impact will be felt by many others outside the entertainment industry. (Your battle is a portent of things to come for workers from all industries.) But why not create a lucrative personal brand while you're doing it?

I stand beside you. I see you. And I'm here to help.

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