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Who Are Your Rock Star Clients?

“If you don’t know what you want, you won’t get it.”

My sales rockstar mom taught me this at an early age. You need to know the characteristics of your ideal future client in order to most effectively connect with them (and convert them).

In my dating life I have a mental list of characteristics I look for. Kind eyes, nice smile, fun spirit, and high-functioning gray matter are all must-haves. (There are several other nice-to-haves that may or may not involve puppies and six-pack abs.) This list is my framework for making decisions.

I recently did the same exercise for my speaking business. While I love performing for a variety of clients, there are some that are rock stars. They possess many of my favorite qualities. They are the ones that will be home runs. If we were dating, we’d both enthusiastically swipe right on each other. (Check out my program, Sales Swipe-rightability: How to Get to ‘Yes’ in a One-click Economy!)

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