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who I am


Theresa Rose is a thought leader in Mindful Performance, an electrifying speaker, standup comedian, engaging podcast host, content crystallization coach, and hardcore business woman who leads an elite group of thought leading professionals in a global network of high-caliber executives for the purpose of accelerating their success in life and in business.

And she won "Most Enthusiastic" in 2nd Grade. For a reason.

​I started working when I was five years old.


I was my mother's personal assistant. Ma was a single parent and rockstar direct sales pro, and I was her Chief Washcloth Runner and Product Fulfillment Officer. (Yes, she had a Pink Cadillac, and yes, I was traumatized by it in middle school. She eventually forgave me for my petulant behavior.)

My first job was at 14 in fast-food where I learned the secrets of customer service while dominating the drive-thru window. Since then, I have held a variety positions in marketing, management, and consulting from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, building a solid track record of improving team performance and boosting bottom-line results. (I've also been a temp, a fast food cashier, a lifeguard, a bartender, an apartment leasing agent, a hospice volunteer, a Reiki Master, and a human directional. Yes. A human directional.)


When I was a global marketing exec for a major telecom firm, I was responsible for over $100 million in annual revenue. (Ooooh. Fancy.) My nickname was "The Velvet Hammer" because I could get my teams to work with others while still preserving those key relationships.

As a Mindful Performance Specialist, I transform mindsets and deliver success strategies for growth-minded organizations and individuals who want to play big and create the outcomes they want.

I do it using standup, improv, and laugh-out-loud interaction.

Not to brag, but I have a natural ability to build a strong bond with audiences -- live and virtually -- while sharing key business strategies that help organizations and their teams improve sales, create stronger leaders and teams, and develop healthier, more productive cultures.


My secret is charming them with comedy.

When people are laughing, they are in the present moment and drop their defenses. They are open to receive. They learn.

It's all about connection.

How can we show up and get more connected when the world is making us more isolated and fractured? IMHO, the answer lies in Mindful Performance.

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