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How do you show up in the world?

There's one great way to find out:

Go to your URL and poke around.


Honestly ask yourself:

  • When was the last time you took an unflinching look at the content you are providing on your website, the primary method of message communication to your buyers, followers, and key influencers?

  • Does it accurately represent the BEST of you?

  • What does your website look like and feel like to others?

  • Do you have a clear message that resonates on an intellectual, aesthetic, and emotional level for your target audiences?

  • Do you convey a contemporary image that makes your buyer feel confident in your brand, expertise, products, and services?

  • Is it designed in an optimal fashion to promote intuitive navigation and scannable content?

If you find yourself stuck, craving more business, and wanting a larger playing field in which to showcase your brilliance, I can help. I will honestly answer the questions above and more so you know EXACTLY how you are currently showing up to the outside world and what you can do to improve it.

I am a smart cookie who combines an expertise in writing and marketing messaging with experience in management and entrepreneurialism to quickly identify opportunities for improvement and brand alignment. I'll take a look at your site with unflinching-yet-compassionate eyes and tell you what others won't or can't.

Once I'm done reviewing your website, we'll have a brief phone call so I can share those suggestions with you verbally. You'll receive honest, confidential feedback on the current state of your website and specific recommendations for improvement. For free. Really.

I'll share my overall impression, an impact rating, suggestions for content, design, navigation, and SEO, and specific recommendations for improvement (Spoiler alert: it's likely working with me.)


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What we show to the world through our web presence is a direct reflection of the level of success we create.

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