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Mindful Performance Coaching Supplements

Congratulations on your decision to participate in the 12-week Mindful Performance Coaching Program!

On this page you will find links to your weekly accountability tracking forms as well as helpful audio and video content that will support you along the journey.

Are you ready to make more time, get more done, earn more money, and have more fun?

Let's get to it!

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Weekly Modules


​The Mindful Performance Coaching Program helps you integrate all nine areas of focus in the Mindful Performance Model with emphasis on implementing new habits around the 10 SuperStrategies from the book.


In order for you to create maximum results, you are encouraged to complete an Accountability Form every week prior to your call with Theresa as well as review the video supplement for each module.

Week 1 - Introduction to Program/Assessment/Expectations/Outcomes

Read Chapters 1-2

Accountability Form

Week 1 Video Supplement

Week 2 - Movement Module: Grounding Your Energy

Read Chapter 3

Accountability Form

Week 2 Video Supplement

Week 3 - Meditations Module: Focus on the BMI

Read Chapter 4

Accountability Form

Week 3 Video Supplement

Week 4 - Manifestations Module: Statement of Intention

Read Chapter 5

Accountability Form

Week 4 Video Supplement

Week 5 - Manifestations Module, Part Two: Gratitude Rant

Review Chapter 5

Accountability Form

Week 5 Video Supplement

Week 6 - Meetings Module: Story or Spreadsheet

Read Chapter 6

Accountability Form

Week 6 Video Supplement

Week 7 - Mentors & Masterminds Module: Gut-punch of Truth

Read Chapter 7

Accountability Form

Week 7 Video Supplement

Week 8 - Messages Module: Two Words

Read Chapter 8

Accountability Form

Week 8 Video Supplement

Week 9 - Media Module: Media Fasts

Read Chapter 9

Accountability Form

Week 9 Video Supplement

Week 10 - Messes Module: Own Your Messes

Read Chapter 10

Accountability Form

Week 10 Video Supplement

Week 11 - Meals & Zzzzs: Analog Hours

Read Chapter 11

Accountability Form

Week 11 Video Supplement

Week 12 - Performance Review/Next Steps/Final Assessment

Read Chapter 12

Accountability Form

Week 12 Video Supplement




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Theresa is just a phone call, text, or email away if you have any questions or issues!


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