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Stand-up Comedy

Funny. Smart. Sexy. Better hair than your average comedian.

Imagine a little girl lining up her stuffed animals against the mirror and using a hairbrush to perform a variety show for her captive crowd. She was the girl who was in all of the school plays. She won "The Most Enthusiastic Award" in second grade. She even won the Most Valuable Cheerleader despite her larger-than-average girth. This was Theresa.

Now imagine that same little girl as a grown-ass woman who sees the humor in being a single, sexy, MILFalicious Minnesota mom.

Theresa combines her relatable, smart comedy with playful charactersoff-the-charts stage presence and physical humor to create an energizing, hilarious experience that isn't typically found in the stand-up scene.

Life is meant to be savored, and Theresa is here to give you ample doses of delight, one naughty cougar joke at a time.

NSFW WARNING: Theresa's club comedy is edgy!

If you are looking to hire Theresa for a corporate event, you most definitely will want to watch her PG-rated, clean, workplace-appropriate Corporate Comedy Demo Video.

(And, no, she won't deliver her blue comedy at your annual insurance sales convention. She knows the difference between a comedy club and a corporate shindig.)

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