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the coaching process

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Once you have a well-designed Content Contextual Model that is your visual framework, I can help you to write the perfect words to accompany your picture. Crafting compelling messaging that aligns with your model will help make your promotional copy of your products and services stronger, more marketable, and more persuasive. You can also create more lucrative product offerings that weaves your model into new books, training materials, videos, and any other resource that provides passive income and platform growth.

We collaboratively write new marketing copy (About Your Model, About You and Your Expertise, Program Titles/Descriptions/Takeaways, etc.) so you can supercharge your website, one-sheet, and social media profiles with your powerful, clear messaging.


We combine live collaboration, off-line writing, and email support to flesh out your book outline, training material modules, video scripts, podcast show notes, and other critical content.

If you want to write a book but aren’t a writer (or don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to writing one!), I can be the person behind the curtain: your ghostwriter. Assuming I have already helped you create your Content Contextual Model, I am the perfect writer to help you take that model and turn it into a well-written, value-soaked, brand-aligned traditional book or eBook!

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Do you want to present your powerful new crystallized content onstage or in front of the room? If you already do, do you want to do it for more money and make a far bigger impact?


With my Performance Punch-up services, I combine my talent and experience as a professional speaker, standup comedian, and improvisational performer with my skill as a writer to help you deliver your own program that is funnier, more engaging, and more memorable. After reviewing your program either via video or transcript, I will identify corporate-friendly jokes and comedy bits, fun and relevant audience-interactivity exercises, and other content-specific engagement activities that will create a stronger connection with your material and the audience.

In addition to punching up your performance with humor and interactivity, I can also coach you on the critical components of stage presence, blocking, character development, physical comedy, audience interactivity, and timing.


You'll stop giving speeches and start giving ovation-worthy performances!

Contextual Model Development, Content Writing, and Performance Punch-ups are billed on a flat-fee project basis.


Live coaching/collaborative writing sessions are typically 90-minutes in length and billed on an hourly basis.

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