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Let Inspiration Lead You To Success

Today I got to share the biggest media spot I’ve ever gotten, and I'm on Cloud 9. (Cloud Bajillion, actually.)

Of course it’s exciting to be able to use the Forbes article, "Here's The Simple Method Top Experts Use to Land High-Paying Clients", as an incredible piece of content that features my expertise as a Brand and Business Crystallizer. I mean, come on. It’s Forbes! For me, that’s a huge deal, and I wanted to let my communities know about it. Talk about having a juicy credibility builder! But what’s even more important is the hope that I will inspire others to shine their lights as brightly as possible.

Before I started blanketing my digital footprint with the delicious URL, I took a moment to sit in gratitude for the opportunities that led me to this moment in my life. Over the last dozen or so years I’ve been working my tail off as a speaker, author, coach, community leader, and all around great gal trying to make the impact my heart told me I could make.

However, much of those years were filled with brand confusion, dashed hopes, and a bankruptcy and divorce thrown in for good measure too. But there were also generous people who helped see me through the dark years, waking me up to my own Brilliance. I have been inspired by so many on my path to Crystallization, and today I wanted to give back to others in the hope that I may light someone else up who may be struggling just like I was. (And still do. Don't we all sometimes?)

I made a post in a private group of professional women speakers sharing my good news, but I also took the time to clarify how I got there. I laid out the events as they unfolded. I gave them specific strategies on how they could better leverage their expertise. And I left them with a good ol' fashioned blast of motivational mojo that told them that they too can have magic unfold in their businesses when they are crystal clear. (I call these "Inspo-posts")