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How to Make Better Videos That Get Seen

I had the privilege of presenting at INBOUND19, one of the world's largest conferences for the sales & marketing industry. At this event of 26,000 techie gurus, I learned a TON about what users are looking for when they buy and how we can best present our content to reach the most eyeballs. More eyeballs, more moolah.

In a nutshell, VIDEO. It's all about video. As I have said many times with my Crystallize Your Content coaching, people aren't reading anymore. They are scrolling, scanning, viewing, and listening. If you aren't using video to promote your products and services (like at least once a week on Instagram, where our next generation buyers are all hanging out), you are limiting your growth.

I was so inspired by what I learned at INBOUND that I immediately came back and created my first social media promotional video on Animoto. (LOVE them!) Check it out to see how you can zazz up a minute of video to pack as much content as possible and get the scroll to stop on YOU.

Let me see how you are sharing your brilliance over video! Put your best little one-minute promo video in the comments. I always love to be inspired by and learn from the creative expression of others!

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Hi. I'm Theresa. I could dazzle you by telling you that I'm an electrifying keynote speaker, award-winning author, content development and performance coach, mindfulness expert, and standup comedian, but that would be super braggy. If you want to know more about how I help others crystallize and amplify their brilliance, visit me at

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