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How to Crystallize a Life: This or Something Better

One of the biggest stressors I had about my upcoming move to California (other than the obvious emotional ones surrounding the goodbyes I’ll be saying to my loved ones, favorite walking paths, and the crazydelicious burgers from Parlour) was about securing a new location for my MasterMinds of Two. As any solopreneur can appreciate, I do NOT want my work to suffer or be delayed in any way because of any personal obligations.

Back in Minneapolis, I had a sweet setup at Life Time Work for my Crystallizations. Not only were the posh accommodations appreciated by both my clients and me, the collab booths and conference rooms were highly functional for the co-creative work I do. For the last few months I’ve done a ton of research on possible options in my new zip code, but none of them were cutting the mustard.

Panic had started to kick in.

And then I remembered the phrase I’ve used countless times that has turned obstacles into opportunities — “This or something better.

I started getting intentional about my thoughts, declaring that I WILL FIND SOMETHING AS GOOD OR EVEN BETTER than what I already had back in Minneapolis. And, just like that, within days I accidentally stumbled onto Spaces, the perfect solution that provides access to dozens of premier cowork spaces all over the WORLD, not just in my new neck of the woods. In addition to offering my Crystallization work virtually, I’ll also be able to host clients at my home base in beautiful San Diego, meet up in L.A., or even head up to Napa for some quality collaboration and libation! The opportunities are endless. (Dear Universe, I can also accommodate Italian clients who want to meet in Milan. Just sayin’…Grazie!)

When you find yourself stuck with a lack of options, consider using the phrase “This or something better” to bust it wide open. It’s amazing what those four little words can do to pave the way for magic to take place.

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