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How to Crystallize a Life: The Vision

Thirteen years ago I knew I wanted to live in California.

Seven years ago I put it on my vision board, one week after separating from my husband, sitting on the floor of a temporary apartment with nothing but a few bags of memories and necessaries.

Three years ago I almost got there but kid complications and that pesky pandemic got in the way.

Two years ago I had a vision that a dear friend‘s home in Southern California was a heart-shaped lily pad that I hopped onto.

A few months ago life tossed me some snowglobe moments that changed everything, all of which began with helping a friend in need.

This week I held my very first MasterMind in my new office. Dry erase board on the wall. Backdrop up. Lights in place. Crystallization Command Center, California style.

This profound experience has got me all in my feelz as I consciously replant, reinvent, and renew myself in a brand new life. Just as I do with content crystallizations, I am using the same principles to crystallize the life I desire and deserve.

  1. I am digesting the contents of my physical space, interacting with every single object I own and deciding if it not only brings me joy but also serves my future self.

  2. I am distilling my belongings down to the bare essentials, saying goodbye to many treasures, trinkets, and trappings of a life that no longer fits me.

  3. I am designing a streamlined, integrated experience that puts a high value on my physical health, spiritual development, and downright joy.

  4. I am delivering it by driving cross-country with a Mazda 3 full of love and suitcases.

All of this began more than a dozen years ago when I got the cosmic noogie that I would eventually live under sunny skies of California. While many of the years in between were focused on anything BUT moving to the west coast — things like surviving, raising a daughter, and gargling with hand sanitizer during the dark days of Covid — I still had my vision board on the refrigerator, reminding me of what my heart wanted to create so many years ago. The prayer was in place; all I needed to do was to trust in Divine Timing.

That timing is NOW.

It’s a beautiful thing to see one’s life’s vision realized.

What is the crystallized vision for YOUR life? How would you draw it on a cocktail napkin (or paste on an 8 ½ x 11 vision board)? What is calling you, and how does the realization of that vision help you fulfill your greater purpose? Have you articulated it? And most importantly, are you following the signs and trusting that it is on its way to you?

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