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How to Crystallize a Life: Shedding Skin

The other night I had a nightmare where all my skin peeled off, leaving only a tender Tee whose protective layer was that of a newborn’s.

Another night I had a recurring nightmare where I almost drown in water (a classic since childhood after having a traumatic Near Death Experience in a boating accident). Fun times. 😩

A third nightmare plopped me back into to some of the worst jobs I’ve ever had, with some the worst bosses who made my life miserable. Ugh. Once was enough, Universe.

While these nightmares were horrible, they always seem to show up when I am in transformation. It’s almost as if my subconscious is purging antiquated programs and limiting beliefs that have kept me small. Luckily, these nightmares have also been balanced by several soul-affirming dreams where dear loved ones wrap their arms around me to encourage me and let me know that “this too shall pass”. (Thanks, Ma.)

I’m 15 days away from the cross-country move to crystallize my life. Several boxes of essentials (like a few of my favorite mugs!) have been shipped to my beautiful new home with only a few items remaining. I’m living in a skeleton world — no furniture or decor, a suitcase of clothes, and a small pile of treasures waiting to be strapped into the Mazda — and I feel extremely vulnerable. (And sore!!! My sciatica is on fire.) My world is empty, all while my business is fuller than ever before. I'm a walking (or hobbling) contradiction.

Shedding our skins isn’t fun. It’s painful AF. Transitions require more courage, more intention, and most importantly, more GRACE. I am in the gross ugly stage of growth, and there’s no getting around it. There’s only one way — THROUGH IT.

My barely-there life may be ugly right now, but the space I am creating by crystallizing it will be transformational. I am trusting in the process, even if I’m more whiny than normal. I’m grateful for my dreams (and nasty nightmares) that are helping me to get through it all. ☀️

If you are in transition either professionally or personally, I encourage you to join me in consciously shedding that which no longer serves you. Yes, it will be painful. But growth always is. And it’s natural.

We can do this. We ARE doing this.

PS. Gratitude helps ease the pain. Use liberally. 🙏

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