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How to Crystallize a Life: Savor the Wilting Petals

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Today I had to sadly toss a gorgeous bouquet of flowers that some dear friends gifted me for my birthday recently. The roses in particular were going to be tough to part with because of my deep affinity for these divine creatures and, of course, a nod to my last name. (Fun Fact: My website URL is a double-entendre: and, the latter of which I prefer🌹)

Before tossing the fabulous flora, I had a last-minute idea to repurpose the beauties by cutting off their heads to enjoy a bowl of them during my work day today. They are stunning in their graceful decline. They smell amazing. And they remind me that life is temporary: SAVOR EVERY LAST MOMENT. (I shoved my face nose-deep into the bowl immediately after writing that last sentence and took the biggest sniff possible. Oh my gosh was it deliciously fragrant!!!) I may even have them join me in a bath later. Ever take a rose petal bath? It's pretty spectacular. It is luxurious, healing, and tells your nervous system to calm the f&ck down because you are royalty, dammit.

As you look around your spaces today, decide what’s truly important to save and savor. Crystallizing your life isn’t just about paring down possessions or moving cross-country; it’s about finding the gems that are worthy of your (and others) attention. It’s about LIVING, not merely existing. Discover the beauty in a world riddled with ugly.

Be a rebel and choose Love. 🤍

Find your gems. Savor them. Share them with others. Make the world a better place.

(And when it comes to your business, you can monetize your gems when they are crystallized and woven into your Spiritprint, the model of your Brilliance.)

And now, I’m going to create a miracle in the bathroom mirror and tackle this day with gusto!

Sniff…. 🌹

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